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      Angry Any Advice Please?

      Hello everyone.

      Me and my family are wanting to move abroad, our reasons being that our two youngest children ( 3 & 6 months) have asthma and every winter, when they get a cold, they both end up in hospital and on steriods. They have chest infrections every other week through the winter and we dread it each year. :no:

      Our dream would be to move somewhere warmer.

      I work in admin and am also a fully qualified hairdresser and my husband is a plant worker with tickets for most plant machinery and also a background in farming.

      Does anyone have any ideas where me might be best suited to moving to?

      Many thanks in advance for all of your help.

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      Andy Chapman
      Hi and welcome to the forum.

      Some aquaintences of mine have moved to oz only for the UK's winter months
      just so there kids have better health as it's so damp over winter in Britain.
      They like your kids suffer with Chest and breathing problems and it was a
      recommendation from doctors that got them there.

      Sorry i don't know where-abouts in oz, but lets hope some other members can answer your question.