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      Any expats in sardina.......

      Hi, i will be moving lock stock and barrel to live on the yacht in Sardina, and was wondering if there are any guys/gals over there already..either with boats or not....

      look foreword to hearing from you..


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      Another in Aus but I do know some people who are living on a cat and have sailed from the West Indies to Aus via lots of lovely places.

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      Hi Glyn,
      How exciting! Have you gone yet. Id love to hear all about your new adventure.
      Lee and i went sailing round The Canaries in February. It was a two week holiday with a small group of four plus captain and mate where we learnt all about sailing, we even lived on board.
      Lee got the sailing bug really bad and when we got home he had the same idea as you and wanted to sell up and live on a yacht. While the idea sounded wonderful,i was not quite ready for such a full time commitment.
      We have decided though that once we have put down roots somewhere we will look into buying one, learn how to be better sailors and then take long leisurely breaks away on her.

      I wish you lots of luck and happiness and i really am interested to hear all about it.