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      Paintbrush Arriving in Australia.

      Can anyone give me a checklist of things I need to do when we arrive in Australia on the paperwork front, such as medicare etc.

      Obviously the very first thing we do will be the bottleshop, we do have to get our priorities right after all.

      Thank you

      k :wub:

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      Hiya i would do TFN'S as soon as you arrive (easiest done on-line),when you have been in the country 7 days you can apply for Centrelink and medicare,and also apply for any blue cards or first aid courses you may need to do before you can start work.
      Hope this helps a bit,
      Cal x

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      thanks for that, the centre link thing if we have validated do we have to still wait 7 days.

      I think I read somewhere that you need to wait so that your details can reach them after entering, will our details have reached already if we have validated.

      Did you understand that it was a bit confusing

      The first aid course will the UK one do or do we have to get an Australian certificate, thanks.

      Going to open a bank account from this end.

      So thats

      First aid couses
      Bank accounts.

      I will tick them off as i go


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      Sheenas' lapdog here!
      Bring a copy of your mortgage statement with you as this will help with renting a place, also give a bullsh*t reference with the rental. We gave our mates over here as a reference and the rental company phoned them. They just give them some crap that we rented off them in the UK and we got the house we wanted the next day. Bullsh*t here goes a long way and they tend to avoid contacting the UK. That's our experiance anyway.
      If your on a 457, you don't need to change your drivers license over, if your on a PR then you need to change it before 3 months is up, after then your not classed as a tourist (I think I'm right, but the boss will correct me if I'm not).
      Bottleshops are great, but not as cheap as tesco, but hey ho, you can't win tham all. The drive through ones take some getting used to.
      When are you due to arrive and where are you going?
      See you soon perhaps?


      Lapdog (sorry I mean Frank)

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      Thanks tucker.

      I see you are from Wellington Point, my favourite place in Brisbane. Its thanks to Wellington Point that i have chosen my destination...Cairns.... I wanted more of what that place had to offer, the little wooden jetty, calm seas, liitle cafe by the beach all that sort of stuff.

      We were goint ot Perth and still probably will if things dont work out in Cairns but a few things in our life have changed recently and I want a touch of the very very quiet life.

      We arrive January on a 136 visa and am really looking forward now.