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    Thread: Felt like home

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      Felt like home

      Hi all,

      Lived in Cyprus for a while, 4 yrs to be exact. I found a really good site that reminded me of home, Paisley. www.youroldstreet.com

      Made me feel at home


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      Re :- It felt like home.

      Wouldn’t it be absolutely marvellous to have a means of viewing you old haunts?
      The street where I played as a child, and learnt to ride my 1st tricycle.
      The local corner shop where I spent my pocket monies.
      The street we celebrated the Queens coronation in!
      The fields we played in as children, free of the pressures and constraints of adulthood.
      The place I met my future wife.
      The church we married.
      Our first home together away from our parents (we lived at her parents house for the first 2 years of our married life, financial constraints and shortage of housing made that a necessity)
      The birthplace of my children.

      All of these places have been razed to the ground and no longer exist except within my memories.

      Oh look at me!!
      Getting all sentimental and maudlin.
      This is not the forum for this, it is a place of eneterprise, vigour, entrepenorialship, it's for people with vision and the gumption to go forth and grasp what they want, in the spirit of the old world pioneers no less!

      Forget about the past, look forward to the future and embrace all it throws at you!!

      There, that's better, I feel all invigorated :Randy-git: now.

      Toodle Pip