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      No Celebrations last night


      Bl**dy men!!!!!!!!!!

      Sorry just feel like pulling my hair out. After getting the visa yesterday and phoning OH to let him know the good news, he told me to book the flights and get us out of here. Then last night he announced that "well I'm not actually go any where till we have job offers over there".
      This was never our plan. We were going to move and find work when we got there even if it meant i was scrubbing other peoples toilets until something better came along. So of course instead of celebrating we had a blazing row. Feeling really low now. What was the point of it all? He was the one who initially wanted to go and had to convince me. If the visa was in my name I would just go and if he came he came if not sod him. Harsh I know, but just feeling really angry and let down now.


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      Depending on his qualifications he'd properbly find a job easier to get over here, than if he tried to get it from the UK. Plus whilst out looking for work, it gives you the oppertunity to have a good look around, sometimes in areas that you'd never heard of, which you may fancy living. It also gives you more of a feel for the place, instead of just hammering the main roads.
      Best of luck and get yourselves here.


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      Hi all

      Thanks for the support. Still dreading going home though.
      I guess as I did all the paperwork and e-mailing it probably did hit him harder. Strange how real it all seems now.
      Anyway the flights are booked so what choice does he have LOL

      Maria x

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      Hiya I agree with Frank ,i think you would both get work much easier when over here approaching companys in person ,we got next to no response when applying from the Uk once here hubby had got lots of offers and had to choose where to work,,good luck with everything maybe he is having a little wobble,,keep smiling
      Cal x

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      Men!!!! my hubby didn't seem at all excited when I told him we'd got our visa ... but it was 5 o'clock in the morning and in his defence he had been sound asleep lol

      Ali x
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      Sorry to hear about the row.

      It does hit people in different ways.
      It certainly is a shock when you have the all clear.

      I went into "it's suddenly real" mode as well - but we are self employed so could not say I wanted a job offer (well I offered myself on in Oz):goofy:

      Best wishes