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      Lyndsay Ledden

      Online British television!

      Hi guys,

      Hope you're all well.

      If been missing British television while living in Spain but have just discovered a really cool site where I've been able to watch British channels online in the sunshine outside my villa!

      It's called www.filmon.com and is fab!

      Is there anything else like this out there?

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      Yes I use film on all the time. Its an excellent site! I never knew how much I would miss TV moving abroad!

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      If you're interested in rugby this is a useful site http://www.rugbydump.com/

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      Is Filmon still free, in the canaries a few people have been getting problems.
      Others are; VPNUK, iPORTAL TV. ADTELLY, WHATSONTHE BOX. plus loads more.

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      TV was one thing i missed soooo much.......I use View TV Abroad they are amazing really fantastic service, personal and very cheap.......definitely give them a go!!!!