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      Refusal of Permanent Residency

      Yesterday I learnt, after 9 months of waiting that I had been refused PR based on the medical of my son - who may or may not have ADD.

      For some reason due to him being in a small fee-paying school it was deemed that he would too much of a burden on the Australian health system in the future.

      He is 9 - and yes he can hard to hardle, but he certainly doesn't have a learning disorder and has never had an official diagnosis. We moved him to his school last year primarily because I was sick of having to pick him up from school every time he got suspended.

      I work in IT - for the same company for the last 7.5 years in Sydney, my sons mother lost custody of him 4 years ago and then broke all contact.

      I have no extended family in Australia - only my Aussie girlfriend and her two kids who I live next door to. Now that my son's medical has raised a red flag with immigration I'm worried that I won't even be able to renew my 457 visa.

      So my best bet at the momemt is to go to the tribunal and if that fails, appeal to the immigration minister - exactly as per that German doctor.

      Any ideas, help, past experiences very gratefully received !!


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      Andy Chapman
      Hi Colin and welcome to Brits Abroad.

      Quite a worrying position to be in. Do you know of our
      mother website Poms In Oz, you may well get the
      answer your looking for there as B-A is fairly new.


      Good luck in your search for answers