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      Reminder about spam

      Hey everyone,
      Hope we're all having a good day so far?

      Please, please remember - for the protection of our regular rule-abiding forum members, and to enhance their experience here, that spamming will not be toterated on the forum message boards! Messages that are duplicated and posted in multiple sections with the sole purpose of advertising a website or company etc, will also be removed and the offender will be issued an infraction against their account.

      You may already notice that some threads suddenly seem to disappear when they contain links to apparent money making schemes or advertising, this is because the forum staff delete them.

      Spam affects all of us folks, because it wastes our time reading junk, and in turn makes viewing the messages a less pleasant experience and a less helpful place to those that are looking for something.

      If any member notices what they consider to be spam on the message boards, then I would encourage you to please report it via the "report post" icon at the bottom left of that message, and the post will be reviewed by one of the Mods as soon as possible. It's your forum, so feel free to help police it with us, and let's eliminate the spammers!

      Remember that persistent rule breaking and/or deliberate "spamming" will result in an account being denied future access to the forum.

      Thanks for your cooperation guys - and may the force be with you.
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