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      Do you like where you've retired to?

      So where did you retire to and why? Do you still like it?

      For us: It was a short move for us as we were living/working in Singapore before, and wanted somewhere not too far away. Do we still like it? Well, yes - I'd give it about 8 out of 10. It's not perfect but I don't think there is a perfect place in this world. How about you?

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      Andy Chapman
      Although i'm not retired Skink, i own a luxury apartment on the Meditaranian coast of Turkey and may retire there eventually.

      I have enquired about Australia but you need alot of money to do so.
      Another place for me would be N Z.

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      Funny, i was just asking you about this in a previous post Andy.
      I would like to end up in either Spain, Malaysia and ive always fancied checking Italy out but we have the chance to work in the Seychelles later this year so who knows!

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      Quote Originally Posted by Andy Chapman View Post

      I have enquired about Australia but you need alot of money to do so.
      Another place for me would be N Z.
      Does NZ have a retirement visa system? Have you looked into it? Have you been there? I must say the thought of an English speaking country is very, very appealing.

      I think Oz has tightened up its retirement visa rules a bit lately. Though it's no big surprise in these extraordinary recession times. A tricky time for expats without any permanent residency status. We often wonder if the visa rules will change here.

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      I think you can emigrate to nz up to the age of 56 if you pass the points test.
      Don't know about retirement there though.

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      Hi Doz, your message interests me because I am also a retired senior who is thinking of Italy. I would be interested in which place you choose and also what your findings are on S. Italy please. Many thanks and good luck in the New Year, - Clepington

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      A real place in the sun

      i fled the uk when i retired and live on the costa del sol the temperature today i1 jan 23c and cant remember when it last rained

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      Lovely. Spain would be my 2nd choice but we came to Australia instead.